Such a lovely thing for a child to receive a personalised 100g Chocolate Bar Letter from Santa himself.

The front of the chocolate bar wrapper shows the child’s Name on the letter.  A photo can be placed in the snowflake but if you don’t want a photo a snowflake picture is supplied instead.  Just select your choice when ordering.

The chocolate bar wrapper has the child’s name, whether they have been a good girl/boy for Mam & Dad.  The text “Mam & Dad” can be changed if you wish when ordering.

The chocolate bar comes in a metallic red envelope postmarked “Express Delivery” from the North Pole.  The child’s name and address is also on the front of the envelope, (please note that it won’t actually be posted to the child, we leave that bit to you).

The envelope can be sealed or left open (incase Mums & Dads want a peek before their child sees it!)